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Introduction to OmniDuct!

Helping HVAC Contractors grow their profits since 1982.

Lean Manufacturing!

Speed and Cost Savings passed on the the HVAC Contractor.

Make Money, Not Duct!

Focus on YOUR projects while cutting costs.

Are You Making Duct in Your Own Shop?

The hidden Reality!

Above & Beyond Picture



At Omniduct, we understand the needs of Commercial HVAC Contractors. Since 1982, we have focused on your demands and challenges, offering solutions that make you more profitable. We invite you to experience the benefits of the nation’s largest duct manufacturer and gain the resources that will set your company apart.

Delivery Picture

Next day delivery sets us apart. Delivering value is our promise.


On time, accurate and complete, it’s that simple. That’s what you need. That’s what we deliver. We understand the demands of your schedule and how important it is that your ductwork is delivered to the jobsite when you expect it. And flexibility and special requests are our strong suit. Whether you need items tagged, color coded, wrapped ends, etc, our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations.

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