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Since 1982, OmniDuct has specialized in fabricating and shipping quality round, rectangular and oval HVAC ductwork directly to commercial job sites across the USA. No job is too big or too far for OmniDuct.


At OmniDuct, we know that you care about service. That’s why we keep over 3,000,000 lbs of steel on the floor, ready to manufacture duct for you on a moments notice. Our friendly staff is ready to serve you from 4 locations and over 200,000 Sq Ft on 18 acres.


As one of the largest, fully automated open shops in the country, we have 4 fully automated rectangular duct coil lines, 3 - 20' Laser cutters, 7 – 22’ plasma cutters and 8 Spiral machines capable of producing over 400,000 pounds of duct and fittings per day. Our fleet of 24 trucks will get your duct to your jobsite quickly. When you’re looking for service, quality and inventory that can’t be beat, call OmniDuct toll free at (888) 444-3828

  • At OmniDuct, we understand that as a mechanical contractor you are having challenges in finding qualified field labor to install your projects. Therefore, we are focused on providing duct systems that you can install in a fraction of the time compared to traditional industry standards. It is common for our customers to beat their install estimates by 60 to 80%. This will turn an average job into a highly profitable job. This will make you a hero in your customers eyes and help you win more jobs.



By honoring God in all we do and living our VALUES of Integrity, Caring and Stewardship, Omniduct will provide Quality Service to help HVAC Contractors expand profitability, a rewarding environment for all Employees, value to its Shareholder and encourage a sense of shared responsibility with our Community.


Building Better through Next-Level Service & Innovation

Mission Statement for OmniDuct
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