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Picture of Slab Elbow

The OmniDuct Slab Duct is used to exhaust air from bathroom fans, range hoods, and clothes dryers but can also be used for fresh air intake and supply air. Use OmniDuct slab elbows, shortway or longway, to change direction in 30º, 45º or 90º increments.

Stock Sizes

  • 12" x 1.75"

  • 12" x 2"

  • Angles: 30°, 45°, 90°

  • All sizes available in 22GA or 24GA


  • Made of 22GA or 24GA galvanized

  • OPTIONAL: Custom sizes available upon request to suit any and all applications.


  • 100% laser cut for accuracy

  • Precut screw holes for quick installation

  • Pressure Rating (-1 to +2 water gauge)

  • All testing performed by Intertek Testing Services NA Ltd., Warnock Hersey and Hardy Associates Ltd

  • Made in Canada

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