Part of our Mission here at OmniDuct is to create a sense of shared responsibility with our community. Our executives are truly leading by example in this area. Bob Brumleu, our Board Chair, has or currently serves on the Boards of the following ministries; Convene, Pocket Testament League, The Sheepfold, Christ the Center Ministries and the Barnabas Group, as well as being a mentor for the Biola University MBA program. Kyle Brumleu, our CEO, serves on the Boards of SPIDA and St. Anne's School. Steve Philp, our CFO, has or currently serves on the Boards of Forest Home and the Barnabas Group. We also support a variety of other ministries through our financial support. Below you will find links to some of these ministries.

The Sheepfold Ministry
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Christ th Center Ministry
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Livng well
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